Social Sciences and Humanities in HIV

15 July 2016
Annie Holmes

After three successful international conferences of the Association of the Social Sciences and Humanities in HIV (ASSHH), a small group proposed a gathering for those working in the UK. On 20 June 2016, STRIVE co-hosted the outcome of this idea, a one-day conference entitled “Continuing Critical Conversations about HIV”. Find the programme and each presentation on the ASSHH UK resource page. 

"When we began planning the day, we imagined a small event. Instead, we were overwhelmed with the level of interest and the participation of so many people. It reaffirmed the need to create spaces for social science and humanities discussions on HIV in the UK."

Ingrid Young, who initiated the ASSHH UK event with Kevin Deane and Agata Pacho.  

What made the day a success? Participants noted:

  • the numbers from across the UK and across disciplines
  • the quality of research presented 
  • audience engagement at each session
  • HIV research from across diverse contexts – the Global South and Global North – shared and discussed in the same sessions 

The ad hoc organising group hopes to continue the momentum from the conference with the vibrant community of HIV researchers in the UK.  Plans include:

  • regional ASSHH UK events
  • increased networking via social media and in person
  • creative sessions to build and strengthen this network of researchers.

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