Your voice here

Your voice here?

17 December 2014
Michelle Moore

STRIVE partners use blogs to share knowledge widely.

Blogs by STRIVE partners carry the learning from the consortium and tell our story. Opinion pieces, blogs and articles expand STRIVE’s resource page while also supporting organisational learning, as witness the examples below.

Priya Pillai of KHPT writes about STRIVE study Samata:

Sapna Nair and Priya Pillai collaborated on another blog on baseline findings from the Samata study:

Tanya Abramsky of LSHTM has also written several STRIVE-related blogs:

Priti Prabhughate added her views on gender violence on the ICRW site:

A blog by Anne Stangl on discriminatory laws was reposted by the Thomas Reuters Foundation, achieving significant reach, readership and impact: