Violence Prevention Centre launched

08 April 2014
Sephy Valuks and Annie Holmes

STRIVE affiliate Raising Voices has established a platform for learning and action to prevent violence in personal relationships. Based in Kampala, Uganda, the new Violence Prevention Centre offers learning packages and provides technical assistance for action.

Organizations and institutions working on violence prevention can propel a community down the path of change. Many groups wanting to step into this role first need to strengthen or re-orient themselves from within.

Raising Voices

This is good news for East Africa and beyond. As well as the misery it causes, partner violence is associated with a range of impacts on health, including vulnerability to HIV infection. Intervening to end or reduce partner violence can, conversely, lead to a range of health, social and economic benefits.

A collaboration between the Center for Domestic Violence Prevention and Raising Voices, the new centre invites participation by:

  • registering for courses in the 2014–15 catalogue
  • becoming a partner in SASA!

SASA! partners are able to participate in up to four sequential courses over three years. Courses prepare participants for implementing each phase of the SASA! approach. In 2014 the focus is on preventing violence against women, while additional courses on the prevention of violence against children begin in 2015.

To find out more about the SASA! approach in action, see the videos that STRIVE and Raising Voices made.

Using a model of mutual commitment, we pass on our learning to be evolved collectively, and we provide support for integrating what you’ve learned into what you do.

Raising Voices