Violence: The measure of a man? Learning Lab, 20 November

05 November 2013
Alexandra Hyde

Please join us for a free webinar by Dr Ana Maria Buller on the complex links between masculinities and violence.

It has been said that violence is part of an exaggerated version of masculinity but the link between violence and masculinities is far from clear. Is violence inherent in men or is it something that men learn? What are masculinities and how are they constructed?

This Learning Lab will review some of the main theories around masculinities and explore links between masculinities and violence at both the structural and interpersonal levels based upon the results of an ethnographic study conducted with young men from a deprived setting in Lima, Peru. You can learn more about STRIVE's work on the connection between gender violence and HIV here.

Dr Ana Maria Buller is research fellow at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). A social scientist, she has 12 years’ experience in conducting research in sexual and reproductive health, health services research, masculinities and violence and gender-based violence against women and men who have sex with men. Her main interest lies in the intersection of violence, development and health in the Latin American region. Currently, she leads a study to further understand the impact of cash transfers on household dynamics and domestic violence on the border between Ecuador and Colombia. She is also involved in a study exploring the impact of human trafficking and labour exploitation on health in Peru, Argentina, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Both studies include men and women. 


Useful readings for this webinar:
Moore, Todd M and GL Stuart: A Review of the Literature on Masculinity and Partner Violence
Connell, RW and James W Messerschmidt: Hegemonic Masculinity: Rethinking the Concept
Schippers, Mimi: Recovering the feminine other: masculinity, femininity, and gender hegemony

Unfortunately, these are not available as open access.


Depending on your location, the time of the Learning Lab will be:

8:00am Washington

12 noon London

2:00pm Johannesburg/ Geneva/ Oslo

3:00pm Mwanza/ Kampala

5:30pm New Delhi


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