Upcoming talk by WRHI's Professor Francois Venter: HIV and moralising about sexual behaviour

06 December 2012
Alexandra Hyde

An event at the University of Sussex on Monday 10 December aims to engage critically with some of the ethical presuppositions governing both public and medical thinking about HIV.

Professor Francois Venter, Deputy Executive Director of STRIVE partner WRHI, will be contributing to discussions with a talk entitled 'HIV and moralising about sexual behaviour'. He will form part of an expert group of clinicians, policymakers, philosophers, lawyers, epidemiologists, health-workers, HIV patients and members of HIV interest groups.

Discussions will centre on some of the complex and ethically sensitive medical and legal decisions which surround HIV transmission and testing. The particular focus will be on actual and potential interactions between abstract ethical considerations and the empirical practicalities of HIV management.

Date: Monday 10 December 2012

Venue: Lecture Theatre, Audrey Emerton Building, Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, UK.

More information is available at the University of Sussex website.