Transcriptions: HIV, science and the social

11 September 2012
Alexandra Hyde

A new online forum opens up debate at the critical intersection of HIV/AIDS, global health and social science.

Transcriptions was launched recently as part of Somatosphere, a collaborative website combining medical anthropology, science and technology studies, cultural psychiatry, psychology and bioethics. 

Promoting engagement on questions related to scientific research, interventions and programmes on HIV, Transcriptions is highly relevant to STRIVE’s research agenda.

Transcriptions includes an online news-tracking project, Broadsheets. Highlighting current HIV-related issues in the news, the project asks important questions about processes of knowledge circulation:

  • How do issues become HIV 'news'?
  • When and why do they show up on particular websites?

The editorial team encourages online users and contributors to track particular issues or news sites themselves, to explore the dynamics behind how HIV research is represented and who makes and consumes news about HIV.

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