Dr Joyce Wamoyi presenting STRIVE’s work on Transactional Sex

Tanzania national stakeholders meeting on the structural drivers of HIV

01 April 2019
Becky Wolfe


On 15th March 2019, the Mwanza International Trials Unit (MITU) at the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) held a research dissemination meeting to showcase the results from eight years of STRIVE work. 

The presentations focused on sharing key findings from across the research projects including:

  • The MAISHA trial, which aimed to reduce intimate partner violence amongst women receiving microcredit loans 
  • Research on transactional sex and young people’s vulnerability to HIV
  • Research from a multi-country study on alcohol use among young people

The meeting was attended by government officials, NGOs and researchers, who actively participated by providing recommendations for how researchers might enhance the potential for the research being used in policy and practice, and areas for future work. 

Recommendations for policy engagement and research uptake included:

  1. Explore ways to engage with other stakeholders including the Ministry of Education, and government stakeholders responsible for implementing the national plan of action to end violence against women and children
  2. Present research findings at other national platforms such as meetings organised by development partners or regional health management teams
  3. Engage stakeholders at the beginning of any new research to improve the chances of uptake in the future
  4. Build alliances with ‘champions’ or influential people with influence in the country, who can share the research through their networks

This is very important information. You should definitely come and present this at the national health stakeholders meeting in Dodoma.’ Dr Ntuli Kapologwe, Director, Health Services, Office of the President, Regional Administration and Local Government.

Suggestions for future areas of research:

  1. The effectiveness of national poverty reduction programmes in reaching the most vulnerable groups
  2. Interventions for men that aim to reduce intimate partner violence
  3. Illicit and locally produced alcohol
  4. Community engagement in health research

Group photo of the participants of the STRIVE national stakeholders meeting in Mwanza