Michelle Remme presents at Tanzanian conference on social protection

Tanzania International Conference on Social Protection

21 January 2015
Michelle Moore

SaME's Michelle Remme presents her paper on co-financing HIV programmes at a conference in East Africa.

Michelle Remme presented her paper on co-financing HIV programmes at this three-day meeting in Arusha.

The Tanzanian Ministry of Finance, UNICEF, ILO, UNAIDS, and Economic Policy Research Institute (EPRI) hosted the conference on ‘Social Protection: Building Effective and Sustainable Systems for Equitable Growth’ from 15 to 17 December 2014. Over 150 senior government officials, policy-makers, researchers and experts in the field attended.

The meeting adopted an Arusha Declaration on Social Protection, signalling the Government of Tanzania's commitment to building a social protection system as a key strategy to achieve a more just society. The declaration explicitly mentions the role of social protection in HIV prevention and support for people affected by HIV and AIDS. 

A health economist in the SaME group, Remme plays a key role in STRIVE’s working group on co-financing and development synergies. To develop the cost-sharing model, members of this group analysed findings from the Zomba study on the impact of social protection on several aspects of girls’ education and health, including HIV. This is described:

At the Arusha meeting, Remme presented this innovative approach to cost-effectiveness to representatives and officials of Tanzanian and other African governments, the UN Resident Coordinator, the UNICEF Country representative and other senior UN members.

Other presentations at the six plenary and parallel sessions in Arusha explored:

  • the evolution and key trends of social protection
  • comprehensive and integrated social protection systems
  • effective social protection interventions
  • social protection sustainability and financing
  • the importance of horizontal as well as coordination

This consensus is a decisive step in pursuance of the social protection agenda in Tanzania and hopefully will serve as an inspiration for the region as a whole. Additionally, these recommendations will certainly inform our next growth and development plans and strategies of the various sectors like education, health and social welfare, nutrition, water and sanitation.

Tanzania finance minister, Hon. Saada Mkuya Salum