STRIVE researchers' letter in The Lancet: Cross-sector financing for structural interventions

08 June 2012
Annie Holmes

Should the HIV sector meet the entire cost of structural interventions? Or should synergistic development programmes - such as those to keep young girls in schools - be co-financed?

A letter addressing these questions appears in today's edition of The Lancet.

Economist Michelle Remme with Anna Vassall and STRIVE Research Director Charlotte Watts from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and UNDP's Brian Lutz propose co-financing across sectors for development efforts that yield HIV benefits. Their letter takes up the case of cash transfers to keep girls in schools. Despite proven success, measures that address the social and economic drivers of HIV are in danger of being overlooked as AIDS funding shrinks. In an important argument, Remme et al offer an example from Malawi to illustrate how a co-financing approach with the education sector could offer better value for money from an HIV perspective.