STRIVE partners meet with key policymakers on stigma guidelines

11 February 2013
Alexandra Hyde

STRIVE partner ICRW met with India’s National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) in January to discuss their recommendations for a stigma reduction framework.

The meeting, co-ordinated by ICRW-ARO, synthesized lessons learned about the feasibility and relevance of the framework in five settings. The aim of the meeting was to discuss how the findings of the research might be incorporated into national efforts to reduce HIV stigma. 

Ms. Aradhana Johri, Additional Secretary at NACO, reaffirmed the commitment of national-level policy makers to tackling stigma as a fundamental part of HIV programming. She also emphasised the need to pay particular attention to the ‘double burden’ faced by women affected by HIV stigma.

This was echoed by Ms. Caitlin Wiesen from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), who reiterated that a comprehensive response addressing the drivers and facilitators of HIV was critical, particularly regarding the ‘inextricable’ link between HIV stigma and gender.   

The meeting laid the foundation for further dialogue between ICRW, UNDP and NACO on the uptake of the implementation guidelines by the National AIDS Control Program IV as well as by different government ministries.

STRIVE and ICRW have published a summary report of findings from the implementation of the global HIV stigma-reduction framework in India and a technical brief on measuring HIV stigma and discrimination.

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