STRIVE partner updates

18 January 2018
Sephy Valuks

STRIVE partner Karnataka Health Promotion Trust have recently published their quarterly round-up, Manthana. The newsletter includes updates about Samvedana Plus, an intervention that seeks to understand and address intimate partner violence and HIV risk. Read the full update here.

Two STRIVE partners – Wits RHI and MITU – are investigating ways for young women to take HIV prevention into their own hands. The EMPOWER study, an initiative born of STRIVE and supported by EHPSA, combines a biomedical technology – PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) – with social measures to support young women to incorporate the daily pill into their lives. What does this look like in reality? In November 2017, a STRIVE team filmed EMPOWER in action in Johannesburg, South Africa. The result will – we hope – bring alive both the barriers to PrEP and the different facets of the EMPOWER programme, through the voices and experiences of the young women themselves. Stay tuned! 

Empower crew preparing for filming.

In other news, A STRIVE research journal publication, Revisiting the understanding of “transactional sex” in sub-Saharan Africa: A review and synthesis of the literature, was referenced in a CNN article about mother-to-child HIV transmission in December 2017. The article covers the crisis of women and girls being disproportionately affected by HIV and suggests that the problem should be tackled through working with men and women, increasing access to prevention products, building awareness and tackling gender norms that drive the epidemic.