STRIVE launches working groups

17 March 2014
Sephy Valuks

Consortium partners are collaborating within working groups to pursue and deepen key structural pathways to HIV prevention.

The focus and leaders of each group are: 

  • Transactional Sex and HIV (co-led by Joyce Wamoyi and Kirsten Stoebenau)
  • Development Synergies and Opportunities for Co-financing (co-led by Anna Vassall and Brian Lutz)
  • Gender, Violence and Social Norms (co-led by Parinita Bhattacharjee and Lori Heise)
  • Structural Factors and Biomedical Prevention (co-led by Sinead Delany-Moretlwe and Deborah Baron)
  • Alcohol Promotion and Youth (co-led by Gerry Mshana and Katherine Fritz)

The STRIVE working group on transactional sex and HIV met for the first time in January 2014 in London. The ten core members are researchers, programme implementers and research uptake experts. They are interested in understanding and curtailing the role that informal sexual exchange plays in adolescent girls’ heightened vulnerability to HIV in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

The group aims to:

  • provide a platform for researchers to collaborate effectively
  • clarify the meaning and operationalization of transactional sex
  • identify the main drivers of transactional sex among adolescents in SSA
  • determine how transactional sex contributes to HIV acquisition and transmission in SSA
  • inform prevention programmes and interventions

 At the launch meeting, the working group took steps towards a rigorous review of the literature on associations between transactional sex and HIV. In the first phase of the groups’ systematic review they identified two hundred studies that address transactional sex among adolescents in SSA and have begun synthesising the literature. A number of expert researchers on transactional sex are giving input and the group is keen to share work, programmes and funding opportunities with others working in the field.