Next Learning Lab: Engagement for impact by Mishal Khan

03 October 2013
Alexandra Hyde

All are welcome to join a STRIVE webinar on engaging stakeholders at local and national levels of policy and practice.

Early engagement with end-users of research is, increasingly, seen as essential if findings are to be useful beyond the life of a study. For this month's Learning Lab, Mishal Khan will present an example from Pakistan that offers insight into the 'why' and the 'how' of such an approach.

The collaborative study – conducted by a team from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine  (LSHTM), the Pakistan National TB Control Programme and the Research Alliance for Advocacy and Development – involved stakeholders from the start of the research, to ensure buy-in and uptake from policy level to hospital level staff, clinicians and data managers.

Please join us for a free virtual Learning Lab webinar on Wednesday 23 October

Dr Mishal Khan is a senior LSHTM research fellow trained in epidemiological and operational research. Her experience and interest lie in developing and testing low cost, locally appropriate interventions to improve the health of vulnerable groups. Mishal’s research areas include gender inequalities in health, health systems improvement and increasing tuberculosis (TB) case-detection.

Depending on your location, the time of the Learning Lab will be:

8:00am Washington

1:00pm London

2:00pm Johannesburg/ Geneva/ Oslo

3:00pm Mwanza/ Kampala

5:30pm New Delhi

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