What works to prevent partner violence?

New STRIVE publication: What Works to Prevent Partner Violence?

26 April 2012
Alexandra Hyde

STRIVE’s new publication assesses what works to prevent violence against women by husbands and other male partners in low- and middle-income countries. Rather than evaluating services that are available for victims, the review focuses on efforts to prevent partner violence. By focusing on prevention rather than mitigation or response, STRIVE shifts the focus towards programmes and policies that can tackle the underlying causes of partner violence.

The review focuses on research-based evaluations rather than insights from practice. The report covers a range of factors that affect the risk of partner violence, including changing gender norms, childhood exposure to violence, excessive alcohol use, women’s economic empowerment and legal system reform.

The report was commissioned by the Policy Division of the UK Department for International Development (DFID) to inform programming on violence against women, and published by STRIVE in December 2011.

Download the report here.