Interview with NIH's Dr Gina Brown at AIDS2014

New lens on women, girls and HIV at AIDS2014

01 August 2014
Annie Holmes

Dr Gina Brown from the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) notes a new focus on structural aspects of gender at this year's International AIDS Conference.

In a short video clip from Melbourne and an associated blog, Dr Brown draws attention to the wider issues impacting HIV interventions for women. She also noted the growing emphasis on violence against women as a crucial factor in HIV vulnerability.

Dr. Brown observed that at this conference she saw greater attention being paid to better understanding the social and behavioral issues that impact the effectiveness of HIV prevention, care, and treatment for women and girls. ... she observed that gender-based violence received significant attention at the conference, as HIV researchers and practitioners worldwide grow in their understanding of the interrelationship of various forms of violence between women and girls and their HIV risk.

Miguel Gomez, Director,

Watch the video here.