New case studies on reducing HIV stigma

23 April 2013
Alexandra Hyde

ICRW tested a range of interventions to reduce HIV stigma in India. Key outcomes and lessons learned are summarised in a series of five case studies.

STRIVE is delighted to share a series of case studies on reducing HIV stigma, compiled by ICRW and its implementation partners in India.

The case studies are based on ICRW’s work to pilot the global stigma reduction framework in five different settings:

  • local government
  • industry
  • sex worker collectives
  • education
  • health care providers

The case studies outline project highlights and key approaches for implementing stigma reduction activities in each setting, for example workshop sessions or contact strategies. A summary of outcomes and lessons learned is also included.

The findings from this research, supported by UNDP and disseminated to policymakers in a meeting earlier this year, provides evidence to help India’s National AIDS Control Programme (NACO) tackle stigma as a key driver of HIV.

Read more about the stigma reduction framework in Projects.

Download case studies.

Download a full report of the findings.