Julie Palme takes photos, Papua New Guinea. Image Sean McPhillips

Introducing Photovoice

13 March 2013
Annie Holmes

Increasingly used in health and development around the world, Photovoice is a participatory research methodology. It was created as a photography-based tool for 'participatory needs assessment' and supports community members to use images to communicate their priorities to decision makers.

You are invited to register for a free virtual Learning Lab webinar on Tuesday 19 March, when Cathy Vaughan will introduce the methodology of Photovoice through the example of a youth-focused project in Papua New Guinea.

Evidence indicates that participating in a Photovoice process can have a positive impact on participants' psychosocial resources. In fact, some feel that it should be viewed as a health intervention in and of itself. Vaughan's case study illustrates the benefits and challenges associated with Photovoice in a context where entrenched power relations increase young people's vulnerability to poor health. 

Cathy Vaughan is a lecturer and researcher at the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne. She currently leads research projects using participatory and visual methods in the Philippines and in Australia. Her PhD (London School of Economics, 2011) used Photovoice to examine young Papua New Guineans’ perspectives on health and HIV, and examined the impact of 'participatory' methods on the research participants themselves.

Depending on your location, the time of the Learning Lab will be:

8:00 am Washington

12:00pm London

1:00pm Geneva/Oslo

2:00pm Johannesburg

3:00pm Mwanza/Kampala

5:30pm New Delhi

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In order to join the webinar on Tuesday, log-in as a participant at www.readytalk.com AND call in on your country's toll-free number. You will need access code 9272774 for both.  If your country does not have a toll-free number, please send your contact number with country code to elizabeth.christianatlshtm.ac.uk by Friday 15 March, and we will dial out to you just before the beginning of the Lab. NB: This webinar includes videos. You listen to the presenter on your telephone but play the sound from the video through your computer speakers.

Image by Sean McPhillips: Julie Palme taking photographs in Bunum Wo, Western Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea.