Workshops with St Xavier's college

ICRW’s work with St Xavier’s College 'good practice in transformative education'

05 June 2013
Alexandra Hyde

India’s National AIDS Control Programme (NACO) recognises stigma as a key driver of HIV infection and a barrier to treatment. STRIVE partner ICRW-ARO has worked with a range of implementation partners to adapt and pilot a global HIV stigma reduction framework in India.

We are happy to inform you that St Xaviers College made a presentation of the stigma reduction program at the International GUNI Conference on 'Transformative Education' held at Barcelona from May 13 to 15, 2013. The project was selected as a good practice ... The presentation was very well received and the GUNI network is keen on working with us in the days ahead. Thanks to ICRW and congrats to you all as well!

Fr Lancy D'Cruz S.J.

The collaboration between ICRW and St Xavier's College enabled researchers to test the framework in the education sector, targeting young people and their attitudes towards people living with HIV (PLHIV).

Lessons learned from the stigma reduction programme were presented by Lancelot D'Cruz, S.J., Vice Principal of St Xavier’s College, at the Global University Network for Innovation Conference on Transformative Education, held in Barcelona in May. The project was selected as a model for good practice in service learning, gaining considerable interest to build on the success of this collaboration.

Details of the presentation 'Integrating a youth-based stigma and discrimination reduction curriculum in higher education' are available on the GUNI conference website.

Download the STRIVE ICRW case study about the pilot project with St Xavier's College and browse case studies from the other four settings here.

Download ICRW's summary report on the global HIV stigma reduction framework in India or find out more in Projects.