Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict

24 June 2014
Annie Holmes

The UK’s Foreign Secretary hosted a high-level gathering in June 2014 to spotlight this form of gender-based violence. 

Held in London from 10 to 13 June 2014, the summit comprised a day of expert panels, a day of ministerial deliberation and an ongoing series of public events at the Summit Fringe.

Active at various levels were researchers from STRIVE partner the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, as detailed on the LSHTM website and in a gallery of photographs.

  • Professor Charlotte Watts and Mazeda Hossain presented on an expert panel on improving the collection and use of evidence
  • Dr Lori Heise presented on a panel to launch a DFID-funded research consortium on What Works to Prevent Violence against Women and Girls?

For The Lancet’s 10 June 2014 issue on “Preventing violence against women and girls in conflict”, Watts, Hossain and Dr Cathy Zimmerman wrote the editorial, “Ending sexual violence in conflict and beyond”, in which they:

  • link sexual violence in conflict to gender-based violence in general
  • emphasise the need to address the safety and health needs of women and girls
  • call for investment in prevention as well as services

Mazeda Hossain’s research focuses on gender-based violence in conflict, as she describes in a podcast.

What Works produced an animation on prevention: Stopping Violence before it Starts.

Along with other closing summaries and documents from the summit, a statement of global action promises to provide support and hold perpetrators accountable.