Priti Prabhughate at alcohol and violence meeting in New Delhi

End-user engagement on alcohol and violence

26 May 2015
Priti Prabhughate and Michelle Moore

STRIVE partner ICRW-ARO meets with key stakeholders working on alcohol and violence against women in New Delhi.

ICRW-ARO is involved in a project, funded by IPE Global, to use evidence from stakeholder interviews and policy reviews to initiate a dialogue between these two sectors - alcohol and violence against women (VAW). Building from STRIVE's Knowledge into Action work, ICRW-ARO sees this as a productive opportunity for end-user engagement.

Partners in this initiative met on 9 and 10 April 2015 in New Delhi to identify gaps in relevant policies and to highlight opportunities for further collaboration. They included excise commissioners, de-addiction ‎units, health providers, women's groups and mental health providers. The meeting created a space for existing alliances to meet and build new relations. ParticIpants reviewed and discussed existing alcohol policies and programmes as well as laws pertaining to VAW.

Facilitating the process presented a daunting task as these two sectors do not often engage with each other and, when they have, the result has been conflict.

Women activists clashed with alcohol policy makers and alcohol producers at the Arrack lobby in Andhra Pradesh. There was no dialogue and at times activism turned violent.

Priti Prabhughate, ICRW-ARO.  

A strategic decision was made to collaborate with an existing coalition of several civil society organisations that have been engaged with alcohol policy advocacy and have a history of influencing tobacco control policy in India.

Priti Prabhughate

This collaboration enables ICRW-ARO to:

  • understand the bigger picture on the current debates in the alcohol policy and advocacy
  • complement the alcohol advocacy efforts by ‘adding’ gender dimensions
  • present the evidence produced directly to the alcohol stakeholders
  • bring representatives from women’s organisations and PHFI together to reach out to alcohol stakeholders and engage effectively