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Communicating findings from Karnataka, India

14 May 2015
Michelle Moore

STRIVE partner KHPT share research products

It has been a very productive month for KHPT as they share research products from two of their programmes:

  • Samvedana Plus, a programme addressing intimate partner violence and condom use in the relationships of female sex workers in Bagalkot district, Karnataka, India. 
  • Samata, a programme to keep girls from marginalised communities in northern Karnataka in secondary school in order to delay sexual debut and marriage

Baseline poster

Andrea Blanchard, a Master of Science student at the University of Manitoba, supported the design of the Samvedana Plus study, trained the investigators and analysed the data. At the National Conference for Health and Domestic Violence, Washington D.C., 19-20 March 2015, Andrea presented a poster on the results of the baseline study. She took the opportunity to described the unusual programme development process, involving women from Chaitanya Mahila Sangha, a community-based organisation led by women in sex work, in a research committee.  

Andrea Blanchard

Survey report

As part of the formative research underlying Samvedana Plus, KHPT conducted a survey with female sex workers and their intimate partners. This report of the survey findings invites action on the part of numerous stakeholders.

Masculinities, gender norms and intimate partner violence affecting female sex workers

Research updates

To share the findings from the initial stages of both studies, KHPT has produced accessible research updates. In addition to the English versions listed here, these summaries are available in Kannada and are shared systematically with stakeholders in the communities involved as well as with the relevant local and state structures.

Samvedana Plus

Reducing violence and increasing condom use in the intimate partnerships of female sex workers


Barriers and Enablers to Education: A qualitaitve exploration of factor among communities in northern Karnataka 

Taking Stock: Secondary education in Bagalkot and Bijupar districts in northern Karnataka