Co-financing feasibility, barriers and enablers: the case of Tanzania

12 December 2017
Sephy Valuks

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‘Co-financing’ refers to the pooling of HIV financing with other disease-specific programmes and other development sectors to implement upstream interventions with multiple benefits. It may offer an important way to optimise HIV financing and efficiency, without crowding out other programmes that may have spill-over HIV benefits. However, coordinating and budgeting between and across sectors can be institutionally challenging. This Learning Lab presents findings from a study of the institutional feasibility, barriers, and enablers of adopting a co-financing framework in HIV resource allocation, based on the perceptions and insights of policy makers in Tanzania. 

Michelle Remme is an assistant professor in health economics at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She has worked for twelve years on the economics of HIV and health financing within the United Nations system, the Dutch Government, and consultancy and research institutions at the international and country level. Her main research focus is on HIV financing and, more specifically, resource allocation decisions for interventions with multiple cross-sectoral outcomes.


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