Bring information alive: An introduction to data visualisation

01 December 2014
Michelle Moore

Join us for a free webinar on Thursday 18 December 2014, 12pm noon GMT

All researchers need to produce tables and charts. This Learning Lab will show you how to create strong, handsome graphics from your own data.

From simple line charts to elaborate interactive maps, data visualisation is an increasingly popular way to convey complex information and reach audiences within and beyond academia. By communicating messages clearly, effective visualisations have the potential to alter perceptions, influence people and bring about change.

This Learning Lab introduces data visualisation. It demonstrates the value of presenting data visually and provides basic tips on how to make charts and graphs more effective. The webinar showcases some free online tools to create infographics and charts.

Rebecca Wolfe is the Research Uptake Manager for the RESYST (Resilient and Responsive Health Systems) research consortium, based at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. She has been working in research communication since 2005, building up a sound knowledge and practice of data visualisation, including these examples during this time:

Recommended reading:


Depending on your location the time of the Learning Lab will be:

7.00 am Washington DC

12.00 pm London

1.00 pm Geneva

2.00 pm Johannesburg

3.00 pm Kampala/Mwanza

5.00 pm New Delhi/Bangalore


To join the webinar on Thursday 18 December 2014, follow these THREE STEPS.

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