“Structural drivers” at STOPAIDS AGM

16 November 2017
Sephy Valuks

This year, STOPAIDS held their annual general meeting (AGM) at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, co-hosted by STRIVE, STOPAIDS, The Gender and Development Network and the Network on Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights. The meeting focused on Women & Girls and HIV. A network of more than 70 UK agencies, STOPAIDS works to secure an effective global response to HIV and AIDS. Membership of STOPAIDS provides an important platform to engage with those who can use STRIVE research in programmes, policies and funding.

At the AGM on 8 November 2017, Mitzy Gafos, STRIVE’s co-research director gave a framing presentation on the structural drivers of HIV. She went on to co-lead one of the three breakout groups to discuss three key themes:

  • sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • women’s economic empowerment and HIV
  • addressing violence against women and girls (VAWG) and HIV

Within the breakout groups, participants were encouraged to discuss:

  • What structural drivers influence the topic?
  • What programmes exist to address these structural drivers?
  • Are there programmes that actually exacerbate these structural drivers?
  • What evidence or tools could help to tackle these structural drivers?
  • How can programmes change in order to tackle the structural drivers identified?

The discussions encouraged participants to reconsider how they position structural drivers in their programmes, how they measure and monitor them, and how they consider reporting against them.