Stigma framework and measurement

30 July 2017
Anne Stangl, Iman Barre, Annie Holmes and Mitzy Gafos

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Tackling HIV-related stigma and discrimination is critical if we are to reduce and even end the AIDS epidemic. Effective stigma reduction requires an accurate understanding of the different ways in which it operates and standardised measures to identify it and design and monitor efforts to address it. The International Center for Research on Women (ICRW), a partner in the STRIVE consortium, led collaborative efforts to develop a global stigma-reduction framework and test standardised measures of HIV stigma and discrimination.

Since the publication of the framework in 2012, ICRW has led efforts to ensure adoption of the framework by key agencies. Questions capturing key stigma domains articulated in the framework are now included in the standard survey of the Demographic and Health Survey (DHS). As a result, stigma data are now reported annually by all UN member countries through the Global AIDS Monitoring process and also in the U.S. State Department’s Annual Human Rights report since 2015.